La malle Ô bidules

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La malle Ô bidules

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La Malle Ô bidules

La Malle ô bidulles, located near ACE Hotel Châteauroux, is somewhat a cabinet of treasures that is very hard to resist. But then, why resist? In this thoughtfully decorated store/food hall, local artisans stand centre stage. Berry black chicken Rillettes from the Ferme Poule Cane, Reuilly wines, spreads, 100% local Berry liqueurs, jams and other delights are set out for food lovers. But La Malle Ô bidules doesn’t stop there and also offers a range of decorative items for the home. We warned you: irresistible! 

Found at: La Malle ô Bidules is only a few minutes away from ACE Hotel Châteauroux.

La Malle Ô Bidules
31 rue Diderot
36000 Châteauroux